Tips to Maintain Healthy Trees

When it comes to our landscape, trees are the hardest working and most valuable parts we have. They serve as shades to our neighborhoods and homes while helping us have reduced energy consumptions. Trees also boost the value of any property, give habitat for wildlife, reduce soil erosion and air pollution. Apart from that, they add a calming presence and aesthetics to our daily lives.  

Since trees are a serene and peaceful part of our landscape, most property owners fail to remember that their trees also need some maintenance to survive and live longer. For that, it’s essential to do proper tree maintenance to achieve optimal health conditions and continued development. To help you with that, check out the helpful tips you should consider to do: 

Take out stakes before time 

A tree tends to establish a stronger trunk when it is allowed to sway in the wind. When a new tree cannot stand alone, you should employ a two-stake system using a flexible, loose tie in between to back the trunk up. Once the tree can stand on its own, make sure to eliminate the stakes right away. This usually takes place after 1 year, so you need to pay attention.  

Water the trees properly 

Saplings and new trees should be watered regularly. However, keep in mind that mature trees are also required to be watered during times of drought. You need to master watering them deeply enough that the entire root zone will be saturated to just the exterior part of the drip line. Let the soil be partly dry before you water them again. Never rely on lawn sprinklers to perform the job for you since they just don’t wet sufficiently deep. If this happens, your trees can be shallow-rooted. If you want help, it would be better to get options like drip irrigation or soil basins. 

Plant the tree properly 

Proper tree planning is among the most vital steps that can help guarantee that you’ll enjoy more years with your tree. As much as possible, opt for tree types that can properly adapt to your area’s usual climate and the particular conditions of light, space, and soil at the planting site. If unsure, you may do some research about it or ask expert tree planters.  

Keep the grass away 

When grasses thrive and grow against the tree trunk, they will be competing with the tree for the needed water, air, and nutrients. Unfortunately, grasses are great at this and usually end up depriving the trees of the much-needed requirements to grow well. Because of that, young trees tend to poorly develop. If you get the optimal outcome, make sure to keep mulch, grass-free are all over the ground.  

Control pests 

Insect pests can severely weaken or damage any trees. Such pests usually include caterpillars, adelgids, adult Japanese Beetles, and more. For that, make sure to have your shrub and tree protected with the help of certified arborists, who can recommend you the best tree service Great Falls for controlling pests for or any issues you’re facing. 

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